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All Girls ✊👍👋 🆒🆗


All Girls ✊👍👋 🆒🆗


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Still looking you in the eye , you’re looking back into mine . If I told you I was different , would you understand the difference ? Try to suppress the feeling of this different way of living ! Creatures of the night - we gon’ be alright
Kevin Gates (via itsalwayshappyhour)

I’m supporting our troops today by going commando.

Yo bitch up on my mind, it’s interestin’ in here, Nibblin’ on her ear, while I ripped her from the rear.

(via jomethazine)

Every night I kiss your picture on the night stand,Loves a Battlefield it’s not a one night stand,at all,praying everyday that I can stop thinking about you,but I will go to War with God for you baby,
I’d go to War with God for you baby….