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Still looking you in the eye , you’re looking back into mine . If I told you I was different , would you understand the difference ? Try to suppress the feeling of this different way of living ! Creatures of the night - we gon’ be alright
Kevin Gates (via itsalwayshappyhour)

I’m supporting our troops today by going commando.

Yo bitch up on my mind, it’s interestin’ in here, Nibblin’ on her ear, while I ripped her from the rear.

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Every night I kiss your picture on the night stand,Loves a Battlefield it’s not a one night stand,at all,praying everyday that I can stop thinking about you,but I will go to War with God for you baby,
I’d go to War with God for you baby….

”In 7th Grade, we promised that we’d never break each other’s heart Fought with the pressure of deep depression while naked making confessions Underneath the covers, cuddling in the dark” - kevin gates
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